Works In Progress

from The Mercenary Adventures of Blade Devon
Space Opera, Sci-fi Adventure

BLADE DEVON can’t resist a chance to play the hero. It’s what he’s trained for.  When a mysterious young woman approaches him about rescuing her friend from the clutches of an ambitious casino owner, Blade takes the job. Rescuing the girl is where his problems begin, because Blade finds himself running from a relentless syndicate bent on revenge, and saddled with an unstable, drug-addled female determined to kill him.

The Final Book of The Black Wing Chronicles
Space Opera, Sci-fi Romance

BLS Mockup4cCONVICTED of terrorism and treason

HUNTED by the very Sovran she is sworn to serve

BETRAYED by the man she trusted to rule in her absence

FORSAKEN by the man she loved

FRAMED for an assassination attempt on the only man with the power to restore her to her rightful place, time is running out for BO BARRON. A power mad Sovran’s bid to take over the United Galactic Commonwealth pushes the seven allied sectors to the brink of civil war. Only the brave young Barron and the enigmatic Blade Devon stand in their way.

Can Bo look past all the lies and secrets that poisoned her love for Blade and trust him to be the hero he was meant to be? Or is his timely return nothing more than another attempt to secure the balance of power in this interstellar game of politics?

One way or another, Bo is coming out of exile and taking back her rightful place as Commanding General of The Black Wing — even if it means she’s making BARRON’S LAST STAND.


Space Opera, Sci-fi Romance

Aspiring novelist Analiese Trujold is in love with her fictional hero Faran Hagon — much to her husband’s annoyance. When her husband is murdered on a deserted road late one night by creatures that can only come from outer space, none other than Faran himself swoops in on a flash of light to rescue her. According to the living, breathing, and oh-so-sexy erstwhile figment of her imagination, the epic tale of  star systems on the brink of war and their fate resting in the hands of the young queen known as “The Domina” is no mere fantasy, but Analiese’s reality, buried beneath the implanted memories of an unassuming Terran woman.

Trying to unravel truth from fiction Analiese must stop the war machine. With only her courage and imagination to guide her, she weaves her way through interstellar intrigue. Can she trust the larger-than-life Faran? Or is he another conspirator bent on taking her throne for himself? Even more frightening, is any of this real, or is it the result of a psychotic break caused by witnessing her husband’s murder?

Reality or fantasy? Analiese must decide quickly. Time is running out for THE LOST DOMINA.

Reload – 
Space Opera, Sci-fi Romance

Elaan Tessera is in import and export. Elaan is an Altairian Joy Babe. Her first contract straight out of the d’Or Choh was with a smuggler twice her age. Amused by her eagerness for adventure, he taught her how to fly. He also gave her combat and weapons training. Eventually she was less of the ship’s whore and more his first mate. After he was killed during a job, Elaan learned that he had left everything to her, including his ship and his smuggling business. She also inherited a rag-tag crew of misfits, including a Delian telepath, a bottom feeder pilot, a burned out commando, and a strange little mutant.

Alec Barclay is a by-the-book Inner Circle Agent. Alec hires Elaan to run guns to the New Front to Abolish Sovran Rule so he can infiltrate a cell and make contact with an agent who has been deep undercover for years, with whom they have lost contact.

Elaan has scrupulously avoided jobs taking her ship and her crew into war zones. She has likewise avoided government hires. Smugglers tend to live longer when they avoid contact with soldiers and government agents. But her operating expenses, ship’s repairs and a recent seizure of her cargo have placed her in desperate straits. If she can’t get a decent paying job soon, she’s going to have to go back to Skyhopping and contracting her comfort services with Spacers. The fee Alec promises will be enough to get her ship and her crew solvent again and operating in the black for a change.

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