SFFS 1/7/2012 – Barron’s Last Stand

Response from the last Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to post a total of three snippets from the same scene from BARRON’S LAST STAND for this week and next week’s installments. As you may recall, the idea is to feature a snippet of your work for others to enjoy.

Our heroine Bo Barron, has just taken her ship into hyperspace following a successful prison break that she was hired to manage. Unknown to her, along with her paid passenger, her estranged husband, Blade Devon, (a government operative also being held at the prison,) followed her and stowed away aboard her ship. Last time, she had just discovered him in her engine room.  He has offered to pay her for his passage. Knowing that she has him between a rock and  a hard place, Bo sees an opportunity for payback.


 He gaped at her. “One point two mill?” he said, incredulously. “For an extra passenger?”

“For an ex-husband.” She smiled. “If you don’t like the price, you’re welcome to leave. I will be happy to escort you to the airlock.”

He shook his head. “You’re a pirate, you know that?”

“You’re a stowaway,” she shot back. “I’m within my rights if I shoot you now.”


You can find a brief summary of BARRON’S LAST STAND, along with a link to a longer excerpt on the Works In Progress page. It is, as the page suggests, a work in progress

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