SFFS 1/14/2012 – Barron’s Last Stand

Response from Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday was so overwhelmingly positive that I decided to post a total of three snippets from the same scene from BARRON’S LAST STAND for last week and this week’s installments. As you may recall, the idea is to feature a snippet of your work for others to enjoy.

Our heroine Bo Barron, has just taken her ship into hyperspace following a successful prison break that she was hired to manage. Unknown to her, along with her paid passenger, her estranged husband, Blade Devon, (a government operative also being held at the prison,) followed her and stowed away aboard her ship. Last time, she had just discovered him in her engine room.  After hearing him out and extorting an outrageous fee out of him in exchange for passage on her ship, she’s escorting him, at gunpoint, to his quarters where she intends that will be locked in for the duration of the voyage.


Admiration shone in his eyes. With no other option, he reluctantly entered his quarters. Hands still on his head, he turned to face her. “Don’t I even get a good-night kiss?” he asked, his eyes settled briefly on her mouth.

Her breath caught and before she could stop herself, she lightly chewed on her bottom lip. She started to lean towards him, caught in his steel blue gaze, but hesitated when the memory flooded back. He’d made his choice and it hadn’t been her.

“Good night, Agent Devon,” she said.

He glanced briefly at the blaster in her hand, then a genuine smile quirked his lips. “For the record, Bo, I’m not your ex-husband. Kah Lahtrec doesn’t allow for divorce.”


You can find a brief summary of BARRON’S LAST STAND, along with a link to a longer excerpt on the Works In Progress page. It is, as the page suggests, a work in progress

27 thoughts on “SFFS 1/14/2012 – Barron’s Last Stand

    1. You think THAT’S barbaric? What he’s not telling her is that, according to Lahtrecki law, if one partner tries to end the marriage, THAT person’s life is forfeit! Now THAT’s barbaric.

  1. Heh, I want to see him try for marital rights. I suspect that might result in a swift kick where he doesn’t want one! LOL

    Is her life forfeit or his? *curious*

    1. Misa, that’s a good question.

      The spouse who leaves must forfeit their life. Family is very important on Kah Lahtrec. Their spirituality is tied closely with all aspects of their lives. They believe very strongly in destiny and in reincarnation. They believe that lovers are twin souls traveling together through time. For one to reject the other once they cleave together as lovers is considered an aberration in their society. Death is considered a “reboot” if you will.

      Neither of them are Lahtrecki, but Blade was adopted into their culture many years ago and has studied with their Tahar, or ‘Holy One.’ Blade is a trained Lahtrecki priest and a master of the Lahtrecki disciplines.

    1. Thanks, Heidi!

      I’m hoping other SF fans will find it as interesting as I do. It’s hard to communicate all of that in ten sentences. This is a series that I’ve written all out of sequence. Barron’s Last Stand is the final of at least four books.

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