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Today, I’m happy to turn over my blog to a guest, author Sandra Sookoo. Sandra has a new book out that is a really fascinating new take on something very old – Fairy Tales. We’re not talking about anything as mundane as modern fairy tales, though. We’re talking about re-imagined fairy tales with a Science Fiction twist. That’s just what FRACTURED is all about. So here to tell us all about her new book, and the giveaway that she’s planned, is author Sandra Sookoo.


Thanks for allowing me to visit your blog today!

Hi, I’m Sandra Sookoo, and I have an addiction to happily ever afters.

That’s what draws me to writing and reading romance, knowing that after all the drama and trials the hero and heroine will have to overcome, I know there’s always going to be a happy ending.  Is it always traditional?  Not by a long shot, especially in some of my own work, but sometimes happy endings don’t always end with walking into the sunset or everyone watching shooting stars.

But I still cling to a deep love of fairy tales—although not the overly sweet ones.

When Liquid Silver Books announced their Silver Slippers call for reworked fairy tales, I was in the seventh heaven of delight.  Can you imagine?  My very own chance to put a stamp on the fairy tale world?  To have the opportunity to shake up beloved tales in my own way?  I couldn’t wait to get started.  I’d already had a reimagined fairy tale (which came out last December) call Wishful Thinking hit the virtual shelves, but I needed more.

But wait…  I wanted a different spin on things.  I didn’t want the same old blah, blah, blah.  So I plotted and planned.  I thought putting a sci-fi edge on the story would be good and making the heroine a blood-sucking alien would be even better.  Oh, the hurdles my hero and heroine would need to overcome.

Then I was surprised by my editor during edits when she mentioned the fairy tale she thought I’d re-imagined.  I had no conscious knowledge of that, but looking back, I can totally see it.  I mashed together two fairy tales into this retelling.  I guess that’s what happens when I have fairy tales in my blood.  What’s the second one you ask?  Ah, you’ll need to pick up a copy of the book and see if you can tell!

You can almost hear the wicked laughter in the background, huh?  I had the greatest fun writing FRACTURED.

Here’s the blurb:  What happens when beauty is the beast?

Major Rick Keenan has a near-impossible mission: repair his broken shuttle, rescue a missing crew member and get off an almost-dead planet.  Angry that the U.S. is discontinuing the space program, he wants to find a discovery that will revise the government’s position.  Unfortunately, that discovery might just kill him.

Marin is one of the last of her people.  Forced to flee to the planet in her childhood, she’s kept herself hidden away in darkness, safe in a castle-like fortress, only coming out when she needs to feed–from human blood.  Convinced she’ll never fit in, she shuns all contact, yet taking Rick hostage as a food source chips away at her perceptions.

Though their differences threaten to tear them apart, their humanity binds them together.  In a world where only the strong and determined survive, does a happily ever after stand a chance?

Book video:  

Now for a short excerpt.  In this snippet, the hero Rick and his teammate have just encountered a welcoming party from the planet they’ve landed on.

“I am Sharn. This is my daughter, Elisa. Welcome to Oolita, the village of the damned.” The man rubbed a shaking hand along his forehead.

“Damned?” Rick narrowed his eyes. “How do you figure?” He made another sweep of the medieval-style village and assessed his hosts’ period clothing. This planet’s not as advanced as Earth. Fantastic. Won’t be able to grab some guys from the village to help with repairs.

Elisa took a step forward. “There are beings who hunt these woods. If we do not bring them offerings or they are not interested in what we give, they come to kill. The victim is drained of blood and left as a soulless shell.”

What could you say to that? He glanced at Reigen. “Well, that doesn’t sound good.”

Sharn laid a hand on his daughter’s shoulder. “Forgive Elisa. The stories still fascinate her. The monsters have not come to the village for months.”

“Maybe they found a new hunting ground.” Reigen shifted his weight from foot to foot.

“No. It is said after they feed, they are satisfied for days before the need arises again and there are many villages scattered in the jungle.”

Rick shook his head. “Be that as it may, we’re here for a couple of things. First, do you have any idea where we can find one of these?” He reached into a pocket on his utility vest and pulled out a flat, square crystal, holding it up for Sharn to see. “We’re also missing a crew member. He’d be wearing clothes like us. Have you seen him?”

Sharn shook his head. “Anything we find of value we take to the ackarn orcha.”

“And that means?”

“Place of death or place of infinite sorrow. Both are interchangeable.” Sharn crossed his arms over his chest, hiding his hands in the robe’s wide sleeves. “We have not seen a man such as you. If he is lost, the monsters may have taken him.”

“Thanks.” Rick tapped his thumb on his weapon. “Any idea how long it takes to get to this place of death?”

Elisa gasped. “Two hours on foot, but no one goes there without an offering.”

“I never did believe in monsters.” Rick shrugged and nodded to his teammate. “We’ll just have to wing it and pray the ‘monster’ will go for my boyish charm.” He chuckled at the joke, but when the villagers merely stared at him, he sighed. “Okay, obviously stand-up comedy is before your time.”

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Giveaway:  One random commenter will receive book swag (bookmarks, postcards, etc) plus a cute little fairy tale themed necklace.  This giveaway is open to US residents and Canada only.  Please leave your contact information.  Winner will be drawn January 25th.

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