Book Review – Cairo Nights by Sandra Sookoo

With a list of books to read as long as my arm, and an editor squawking for me to write, the last thing I needed to do was start reading a new release. Naturally, that’s exactly what I did when I needed a quiet distraction from a weekend fraught with illness and high emotion. Fortunately for me, Sandra Sookoo just released an Historical Erotic Romance titled Cairo Nights. (By just, I mean it released TODAY!!)

I enjoyed striding through the gritty, dusty back alleys of nineteenth century Cairo with Joy Debinham, a headstrong, completely unconventional heroine with attitudes firmly rooted in the twenty-first century. I bought into Joy’s mission to save the children of Cairo from disease, especially once I learned what motivated her to do so. She is a driven, determined heroine to whom men are an afterthought – until she meets brash American, Quinn Handry.

Quinn is an opportunist looking for an opportunity to exploit, but he hasn’t been having much luck at it. I liked that Quinn is an imperfect hero, complete with spectacles and broken nose. He came to Cairo looking for antiquities to broker, which automatically sets him at odds with Joy who believes that Egypt’s treasures belong in Egypt. The two quickly succumb to their mutual attraction and are willing to flout convention to be together.

This book made for a quick read and a fun escape to the sultry heat of nineteenth century Egypt, complete with some pretty sizzling scenes during those Cairo Nights. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down.

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Cairo Nights

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