The proof copy arrived today!

imageWhen I saw the key sitting in my PO box, I stood there with my heart pounding. I was only expecting one parcel in the mail: my proof copy of SOVRAN’S PAWN. My hands were shaking. I snatched that key out and skipped around the corner to the parcel boxes. It took me six tries to get the key in the lock!

It’s a good thing the PO was closed when I got there because I let out a SHRIEK that would have alarmed several people and likely have drawn the attention of the local constabulary.

I raced to the car, pulled out my phone and started taking pictures of the box! Then I realized what I needed was pictures of the BOOK!!

Once I got over the initial squeeing, I drove straight to my mom’s to show her. Yes, I immediately regressed to being four-years-old with a crayon scribble in my hand.  I handed her the book and said “Mama!! See what I made?? Put it on the frigerator!!” Which only goes to prove that you’re never too old to want to show off the pretty things you make to your mom.

There are a few changes that need to be made before the paperback version of SOVRAN’S PAWN winds up in your hands, but it looks like everything is a go for August 1st!

I hope I remembered to lock my PO box back…

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