Book Review: Love’s Captive – Volarn Chronicles I

I really wanted to love this book. I like the premise of the story. The notion of Earth women being stolen to populate other worlds goes way back into the history of science fiction and has run the gamut from serious social commentary to high camp. So when I sat down to read Volarn Chronicles I: Love’s Captive, I had high expectations.

The pacing reminded me of Dune, with elaborate world-building and stage setting. The author created a lovely and vivid world of great depth, and she did it with beautiful language.

Love’s Captive weaves elements of fantasy into the science fiction, and as such has an historical feel to it, which I found an interesting dynamic in a science fiction romance. I did find myself skimming past page after page of detailed descriptions of clothing and furniture simply because I have so very little time to savor epic books.

I’m sure that fans of Dune and other epic science fiction will find Love’s Captive a rousing good read. It’s definitely the kind of book you want to sit down with when you have time to savor a story with intricate and rich details. And savor is exactly the word to describe the experience of reading Love’s Captive.


When Serena awakes, after a close and unpleasant encounter with some sort of stun gun, she very quickly learns that resistance is futile and escape only a yearned for dream. She, and the other Earth women Serena meets aboard ship with her, have been captured by the Moyds, interstellar merchants ..their mission, to procure fertile wives for the men of Volarn, where their race is endangered due to the wide-spread sterility of their own women. Learning this is at least some relief to the captured women, but Serena is disgusted to realize that they are nothing in these men’s eyes but baby makers. Regardless, she knows she has no choice but to face the fate that awaits her with as much dignity as she can muster. Once they arrive on Volarn, Serena learns that her assessment has not been entirely accurate. Using their power crystals in the Tarthra Ritual, the warriors approach the women with their crystals to find the mate most suited to them..a woman to love who can love them. Serena is chosen to become King Rhamus’ queen, but, just as she feels herself weakening to Rhamus’ romantic, passionate nature, Rhamus’ enemy, Xarath, abducts her. Rating: Contains explicit sex, graphic language and some violence

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