Saturday Snippet: All Or Nothing

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten sentences or less are yours for the reading!

Today’s snippet comes from Book Two of The Black Wing Chronicles ~ HERO’S END.

The game between Bo and “Rex” is heating up.


His cracked and lipless mouth curved in a travesty of a smile. “Let’s dispense with the pretense that you’re here because of my winning personality.”

With a thump, Bo let her chair fall forward back onto all four legs. “Fine. Let’s.”

“One last wager — all or nothing on this hand,” he practically purred.

It was no secret that Rex cheated. Bo knew that he had a perfect Five-Point in his hand. It was the only thing that would beat her. She leaned forward bracing her elbows on her knees.


That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by. Please take the time to visit the other wonderful authors taking part in Science Fiction/Fantasy Saturday!

24 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: All Or Nothing

      1. I tried and I tried to get my buddies to play the dark-Tuesday rules at our poker games, but every time someone got dealt a shralk all hell kept breaking loose, and that was the end of that.

        Still, I knew I could count on you to catch the reference 🙂

        1. LOL!! Of course! I’m not allowed to play card games with the children any more. I tend to play Fizbin with them and it creates too much chaos. Someone always ends up in tears threatening to run away from home. I think my husband meant it last time. 😉

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