Saturday Snippet: Cool Your Jets

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten sentences or less are yours for the reading!

Today’s snippet comes from Book Two of The Black Wing Chronicles ~ HERO’S END.

This week, we’re hitting the first page! In SOVRAN’S PAWN, Bo’s brother Edge commented that she needed to find some female friends. In book two, she’s found it useful to travel with her Kiara cousins, Tese (from SP) and Gena. Not only do they help her with the tricky primping that Bo hates so much, but having a pair of vivacious party girls with supermodel looks around, no one looks too closely at Bo.

As the book opens, they are getting ready to meet up with Blade and Chase at the Catarrh Endurance Rally. While Tese was working on Bo’s hair, a shipwide alarm interrupted the primping and Bo’s making a mad dash from the cargo hold to the flight deck at the opposite end of the ship. Oh, and she’s wisely carrying her shoes in her hand.


Grinning, Bo mounted the steps to the flight deck and slid sideways into the pilot’s seat. She dropped her shoes underneath the nav console where they would be out of the way. “Okay, Sundance, I’m here. What do you have for me?”

Bo buckled herself into the g-locks and switched over to manual control as she scanned the readouts, orienting herself quickly to the situation.

“Commander, we are entering Catarrh airspace at an illegal rate of speed,” her shipboard computer said. “Planetary authorities have ordered us to reduce speed and enter the approach corridor.”

Bo nodded. She was already on it. She keyed the braking thrusters and adjusted the ship’s course.


That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by. Please take the time to visit the other wonderful authors taking part in Science Fiction/Fantasy Saturday!

20 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: Cool Your Jets

  1. You did it to me again. If Bo’s not ‘rubbing’ something, now you have her mounting… Well, it’s all VERY distracting.

    PS: Bo. Blade. Chase. Edge. That’s it! I’m officially changing my name to something cool, too, like Flame, Lightning or Ken. 😉

    1. Bo’s full name is Bodhile Laidan Caitre Marissa Barron. Originally, Blade’s real name was Wilbur Homer Wartwhistle. Blade has always been his stage name/alias. Edge’s real name is Horace.

      If you change your name to something cool, rather than Ken, Kevin is nice.

  2. I’m curious as to why they’re going so fast… she seems to know that she’d get a message about it…

    And I love that she’s carrying her shoes. I do that when I have to move and I’m wearing challenging footwear!

    1. They’ve just dropped out of hyperspace. She has to decelerate before she can safely enter atmo, otherwise you’re dealing with braking thrusters fighting against the planet’s gravity well and burning unnecessary fuel, not to mention running the risk of burning out your repulsor drive and your braking thrusters.

      Putting deceleration too late would end with either tearing your ship apart in the upper atmosphere or, you know, irresistible force (ship in motion) meets immovable object (planet’s surface) releasing kinetic energy (fiery crash.)

  3. Sweet! I must agree with the others about the fact that she was carrying her shoes says much about her. Not even just that she carried them with her but the fact that she took them off to begin with. However, I’m more intrigued with the story behind why she’s grinning. Hmmmm.

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