Saturday Snippet: This Is Gallis Rye

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten sentences or less are yours for the reading!

Yesterday’s post on media manipulation reminded me of this scene from HERO’S END. As a professional liar and a media darling, Blade is well-versed in media manipulation. He knows that most of the time when he’s in his role of holofeature hero, people and holocams are turned his way.

With Bo in a rare appearance at his side at the premiere of his latest holofeature, he’s promised a way to let her drink her favorite liquor, Gallis Rye, without blowing her Joy Babe cover. So with gossip reporters, holocams — and under the noses of a half-dozen Inner Circle security agents — he’s giving Bo a lesson on maintaining control of one’s image in the public eye. He’s about to publicly debauch his elegant and refined Kiara mistress (Bo) in order to make it easier for her to maintain her cover under intense public and media scrutiny.


With a flourish, he presented a glass filled with an iced amber liquid from behind his back. Keeping his arm across her torso, he settled into a more comfortable embrace. “This, my love, is called Gallis Rye.”

She would have reached for it, but he held it just out of her grasp.

“Now, now,” he said softly. “Remember what I said earlier? This is hardly a drink for the faint of heart or for fair maiden.”

“You’re going to make a show out of this aren’t you?”

“Of course I am,” he grinned.


That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by. Please take the time to visit the other wonderful authors taking part in Science Fiction/Fantasy Saturday!

22 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: This Is Gallis Rye

    1. Thanks! Yeah, he may be a butthead, but he’s not mean-spirited. He’s only trying to find a way to let Bo be Bo. He’s advancing his bad-boy image and taking the hit on his own reputation to spare hers. In his mind, he’s being quite the hero! 😉

    1. Blade wants everyone to know that as hard-drinking as he is, Gallis Rye will melt your teeth and it’s a bit too hairy even for him. It *is* however Bo’s drink of choice. It’s a Mondhuic thing.

  1. I like the flare he uses, especially in light of the media presence and how he masks his intentions despite his actions. When she asked if he was going to make a show of it, I was thinking was there any other way with him. Great Snippet!

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