Saturday Snippet: Sabotage

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten sentences or less are yours for the reading!

Last week we met Inner Circle agent Ian Kendall who was called in to investigate the hovercycle accident that put Blade on a med ship orbiting a backwater planet. Kendall has given orders that Bo (in her guise as Marissa, Blade’s Joy Babe Companion) cannot visit Blade. When Bo sought him out to confront him on it, he was waiting for her and has led her into an exam room where he sealed the door shut.


Shrugging off Kendall’s attempted mind game, she circled the small room, placing the exam table between them. It wouldn’t exactly stop him from lunging for her, but it would certainly slow him down a little.

Incremental victories – she’d take them where she could get them.

“What’s this about, Agent Kendall?”

“I’ve had a team going over the crash site,” he said, slowly stalking her. “Devon’s hovercycle was sabotaged.”

Bo misstepped, her ankle wobbled on her high heeled shoe.

He opened with a direct hit. She had to give him points for that.



That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by. Please take the time to visit the other wonderful authors taking part in Science Fiction/Fantasy Saturday!

12 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: Sabotage

    1. He is THAT good. He’s in control and they both know it. It never occurred to her that his cycle might have been sabotaged, and she knows by his tone who his prime suspect is. Her only witness for the defense is not exactly able to provide an alibi.

  1. Need to take those shoes off so she can run when she gets the opportunity…and running with last week’s comment-theme, I suddenly had the Beastie Boys running through my head. 🙂

    1. Oh, silly TM. Any high-heel-wearing-shoe-diva worth her salt can run full-out and jump hurdles in high-heels. I myself used to race from one end of the airport to the other, leaping over random suitcases along the way in four-inch heels — hauling my carry-on with me — in order to make connecting flights. The trick is to know your limits. Four-inch heels are mine. Anything over that and I’m less-than-steady at top speeds.

    1. Patrick, we must educate you in the ways of high-heeled combat. Every woman trained in the deadly arts understands the advantages given to her by a good pair of heels. Height and reach advantages are obvious, and a good pair of stilettos can also be used as a piercing weapon or bludgeon in a pinch. A simple, off-the-rack pair of pumps makes an excellent throwing weapon as well.

  2. Damn that tell-tale heel wobble. No matter how controlled a woman may look, a shoe wiggle will mess it all up. 🙂 I love that detail. Why does Kendall come off as so damn predatory?! It makes for a really fun read.

    1. No matter how good we are at hiding them, those wobbles also play havoc with our serenity, too!

      Funny you should ask… Inner Circle agents who show certain aptitudes are specially trained for assassination and other black ops. They’re called “Predators.” Blade is one. Kendall is another. They are considered the elite.

      1. Seriously. I love my heels, but my flats are heavenly and predictable.

        Oh, wow! They’re actually called Predators. Damn, I’ve been missing out on your books. I have got to stop buying stuff. Right after I read your books…

  3. “Bo misstepped, her ankle wobbled on her high heeled shoe.” –Heh, talk about a tell. I can totally relate. It takes a LOT of concentration not to trip in stilettos.

    I’m developing a thing for Kendall–I have weakness for predatory males. 🙂

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