Saturday Snippet: No Smoking In The Lift

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten sentences or less are yours for the reading!

Because of the prompt “shades,” we’re doing something a little different this week. I use the word in HERO’S END, due to be released on September 12. This snippet comes from a scene near the end of the book as Blade, coming back from getting takeout, doesn’t put out his cigarette before getting onto the lift.


996581_147997492075169_1580769415_nDespite the Delian herbs of the cigarette dampening his senses, he felt apprehension and fear radiating off the other occupants of the lift capsule. His gaze flicked over the scrawny little humanoid male, whose throat spasmed convulsively as he swallowed. The plump Joy Babe at his side eyed him with a mixture of trepidation and contempt.

He’d been getting that reaction ever since he left the apartment.

Unshaven, tousled hair, dark sun shades and a well-worn hovercycle jacket, he looked like a street tough.

After having screaming strangers throwing themselves at him for the past few years, open fear and avoidance were a welcome change of pace.

“Y-you’re not supposed to smoke in the lift,” the Joy Babe stammered.

Gaining some sort of twisted amusement from the situation, Blade drew deeply on the cigarette and plucked it from his mouth. He slowly blew out the smoke, watching their reaction.


That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by. Please take the time to visit the other wonderful authors taking part in Science Fiction/Fantasy Saturday!

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