Saturday Snippet: No Such Thing As A Free Ride – Part II

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten to fifteen sentences or less are yours for the reading!

Since we’re finished with the Crime Lord, I thought I’d address some comments from previous snippets, namely the nature and identity of the Stowaway… Yes, this is still from BARRON’S LAST STAND. While breaking the Crime Lord’s kid brother out of a high security detention center, one of the other escapees – unbeknownst to Bo – tracks them to her ship and manages to stow away in her engine compartment. Unfortunately, Sundance, (Bo’s shipboard computer,) fails to let her in on this little nugget until after she’s fought another ship, outrun two picket ships, engaged her hyperdrive, and settled in to her bunk for a much-needed rest. Here, she confronts her uninvited “guest.”


Barron's Last Stand ART5

“Show me your hands and step out where I can see you,” she ordered.

He hesitated briefly then spread his arms wide as he stepped away from the machinery into the center of the narrow walkway. The dim light gave her a slightly better look at him. Intense and relaxed at the same time, he moved fluidly, with the supreme confidence, grace and controlled power of an experienced predator: sexy as hell and very dangerous.

Human. Male. Taller than average. Well built…Very well built. His shaggy blond hair took him out of uniform regs for the Consular Guard.

His head bowed, shadows obscured most of his face. A close-trimmed beard and stern set to his mouth gave him a slightly sinister appearance. He stepped slowly out of the darkness.

Something about him reminded her of…


That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by.

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If you’d like to read a sneak peek at BARRON’S LAST STAND you can find the first chapter at the end of HERO’S END and here on my website.

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: No Such Thing As A Free Ride – Part II

  1. Reminded her of… what? Aaargh! The suspense is killing me. And something tells me Bo likes alpha males – I like your description of the stowaway which evokes a really good picture of the man coming out of the shadows.

  2. I liked that you referred to him as a predator, nice way to build tension between these two without them even saying a word. But I am looking forward to the exchange between them.

  3. Gosh, why are they always attractive and sinister? A dangerous, heady mix, which makes for fantastic tension. Your reveal of his appearance came as if we were watching him step forward. Very well written.

    1. I know! Nothing sexier than a dangerous bad boy, right? It’s important that the reader is so deeply entrenched in Bo’s POV as she watches him step out of the shadows.

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