Saturday Snippet: No Such Thing As A Free Ride – Part VII

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten to fifteen sentences or less are yours for the reading!

This snippet from  BARRON’S LAST STAND posted prematurely, so I am giving you Part VIII as an extra bonus by way of apology. Here is the June 7 snippet, for your amusement.

We find Blade stowed away on Bo’s ship. Despite the fact they parted under difficult terms five years earlier, and she thinks the worst of him, he is still Blade Devon, handsome as sin and charming as the devil, and for Bo, that makes him just about perfect. Maker help her if he ever figures that out!


Barron's Last Stand ART5

“Can I at least put my hands on my head?” He shrugged, lifting his arms slightly. “This would be difficult enough in standard gee, but you’re killing me here.”

“Oh no,” she shook her head. “I don’t trust you within a parsec of me. Keep your hands where they are. Next time try a different workout routine. You’re getting flabby.”

He wasn’t flabby by any stretch of the imagination. From the look of him, he hadn’t slacked off of his workout routine at all in the last few years. In fact, if anything, he looked like he’d bulked up a little. The muscles that bulged under his prison issue jacket looked like molded fuseform. Her gaze lingered on the fabric stretched tight across his chest. Giving herself a sound mental shake, she tamped down on her increasingly lurid fantasies. He was still a dangerous Predator and she would do well not to underestimate him, or lower her guard at all.


That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by.

If you’re interested in reading more about Bo, you can pick up your ebook copies of SOVRAN’S PAWN and HERO’S END for Nook and Kindle at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

If you’d like to read a sneak peek at BARRON’S LAST STAND you can find the first chapter at the end of HERO’S END and here on my website.

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet: No Such Thing As A Free Ride – Part VII

  1. He may be gorgeous, in her eyes, but I have this suspicion that she’s absolutely right not to drop her guard. Of course, if she did drop her guard, she might have a lot more fun – but I suspect that’s what she’s afraid of…

    1. Well, Peter, by this point in the third book, she’s known him for seven years, married him once, been in countless perilous situations together, and she still doesn’t know his real name. Oh he’s a LOT of fun, to be sure. But a woman reaches a point where there needs must be more to life than FUN.

    1. Read the bonus chapter at the end of HERO’S END. That will catch you up just fine. There are five years between then end of HERO’S END and the first page of BARRON’S LAST STAND.

    1. It isn’t simply a comment on his nature to call him a predator. He is a certified Predator with the Inner Circle and one of the youngest on record to attain that rating. To call him an IC Predator is to say that he is a highly skilled assassin and covert operative. He really is “mad, bad, and dangerous to know.”

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