The Blurb Is Here For Barron’s Last Stand!

BLS Mockup4cCONVICTED of terrorism and treason

HUNTED by the very Sovran she is sworn to serve

BETRAYED by the man she trusted to rule in her absence

FORSAKEN by the man she loved

FRAMED for an assassination attempt on the only man with the power to restore her to her rightful place, time is running out for BO BARRON. A power mad Sovran’s bid to take over the United Galactic Commonwealth pushes the seven allied sectors to the brink of civil war. Only the brave young Barron and the enigmatic Blade Devon stand in their way.

Can Bo look past all the lies and secrets that poisoned her love for Blade and trust him to be the hero he was meant to be? Or is his timely return nothing more than another attempt to secure the balance of power in this interstellar game of politics?

One way or another, Bo is coming out of exile and taking back her rightful place as Commanding General of The Black Wing — even if it means she’s making BARRON’S LAST STAND.


What do YOU think?

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