Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday

Welcome back! Last week, Blade listened to a log entry from Bo’s ship, looking for answers to explain the deplorable condition of her sick bay. He’s still looking for answers and hoping her shipboard computer will be able to fill in the blanks.

Blade frowned. “That was terse, even for Bo,” he said. “How badly was she hurt?”

The diagnostic screen attached to the side of the gyro table flashed with the timestamp from twenty-seven months ago, followed by a diagram of a female form highlighting a rundown of her condition. A knot twisted in his gut as Sundance scrolled through a lengthy list of injuries that told him far more about what had happened than Bo’s cryptic log entry.

She’d been ambushed and overwhelmed. Defensive wounds showed that after they’d attacked her with energy weapons, she’d fought them in close quarters.

“How many were there? Four? Five?”


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