Ripped Six-Pack And A Misplaced Belly-Button

**Warning:  The slideshow of images in this post contains some rather racy pics of the male torso. **

One thing about having a lot of friends who write erotica, you end up with a LOT of, erm… interesting things running across your social media. I freely admit that one of my guilty pleasures is the beefcake – lots and lots of beefcake. I haven’t seen females exchanging this much beefcake since high school.

Women all have different preferences when it comes to the male physique. Personally, I like longer, leaner beefcake with the muscle from an active, athletic lifestyle, not so much hours in the gym doing crunches and lifting weights, although if a fellow is going to go to all that effort, I guess I can look appreciatively at the results. I do have to admit to liking well-defined shoulders, arms, chest and abs.

I have, however discovered that I have one major turnoff that surprised me completely.

Belly button placement.

What? Belly button what?

Yep. I know. It’s arbitrary and completely silly. When presented with all this wonderful beefcake with a ripped six-pack, oiled bronze skin with tiny little droplets of water designed to make a woman mad with desire, a misplaced navel can completely destroy the effect for me. I fixate on it and wonder “How on Earth did that get there?”

As if men didn’t have enough to be insecure about, right? Now they need to worry whether their navel is placed too high – something they can do absolutely nothing to rectify. They just have to hope that the one they’re flexing for on the beach or in the bedroom is so dazzled by all the well-defined lats and abs and glutes and pects that the navel placement is irrelevant.

Not this girl.

I’m not sure why some navels appear to be too high to me, but if the navel is smack dab in the middle between waistband and nipples, it really seems too high on the torso to me. I realize that like women, some men are short-waisted and this is what causes this eye-jolting belly-button placement. In women, short-waisted usually means ‘petite.’ My guess is that it goes back to what I said about my personal preferences in men. I like longer, leaner beefcake. In other words, I like tall, athletic men. When I see a high belly-button on a man, I think short-waisted and ‘petite.’

Even the celebrities and athletes I find attractive are at least six feet tall. My husband is a very pleasant six-foot-four with perfect belly-button placement – and no, I’m not going to include pictures of him. Instead, I will include pictures I’ve culled from Facebook and around the web.

See for yourself.


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What are your turnoffs on beefcake/cheesecake pictures?