What a Gorgeous Cover! The Art of Tomomi Ink.

What a Gorgeous Cover! The Art of Tomomi Ink.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my cover art, that sometimes I wonder if the cover is better than the book! It is a gorgeous cover and the artist who designed it is a true genius. The artist is Tomomi Ink out of Barbados. She has just reworked her site to include the many amazing book covers that she’s created. Her work is simply stunning. I invite you to take a look at her work and make note of the titles. They include some of my favorite new authors. You may see one or two that look familiar to you if you spend much time here.

New Title – New Cover

As the countdown begins to publication for the first installment of The Black Wing Chronicles, all of the pieces click into place.

First the title change to Sovran’s Pawn and now I’m pleased to announce an exciting new cover from Tomomi Ink, who also has designed covers for the fabulous TM Hunter’s Aston West series as well as rising new author Patrick Stutzman’s Alone on the Edge.

I’ll be unveiling the new cover on Saturday. Prepare to be amazed! It’s much better than this one!

Sneak Peek at cover art for ARCANA DOUBLE CROSS

Busy, busy around here getting ready for the April release of the first installment of The Black Wing Chronicles. Let’s not forget that coming up in a few months, is the release of ARCANA DOUBLE CROSS, one of the recovered novels in The Mercenary Adventures of Blade Devon.

Here’s a first look at the cover art in progress! What do you think? No, those aren’t flames in the silhouette of the girl, it’s part of a nebula – in keeping with the nebula theme – see the stars? Inspiration came from covers of classic Men’s Adventure novels, namely James Bond. Here for your amusement, are the old CASINO ROYALE covers that inspired various elements. How did we do? Did we pay proper homage to these classics?