Living in “The Doctor’s House”

I realized one evening, not too long ago, that I live in “The Doctor’s House.”

At the turn of the twentieth century, Dr. S.E. Sanchez, Sr. built a home for his family and opened a hospital in a tiny town in Rural Georgia. In 1948, his son and namesake, also a physician of some note, carried on the family tradition by building another, more modern facility. Fast Forward to the twenty-first century – a writer and her husband buy the home known locally as “The Doctor’s House” and move their growing family in to take part in its history.

Even though I’m a Geek Goddess, I never really noticed the SF connection to living in “The Doctor’s House” until a friend of mine… hmmm… I often wonder what the etiquette is for referring to friends one has only met online. Some of the people I most look forward to seeing are on Facebook and Twitter. I like to call them “some of the best friends I’ve never met.”

Where was I? Oh yeah…  I commented that I wanted to build a TARDIS for my camellia garden. I know just the place to put it. There is a little goldfish pond beside the front porch. I figured I could christen the pond “AMY,” repaint my front door blue and stick a TARDIS in amongst the camellias and sit back to see who noticed and made the connection…kind of a Geek version of a conversation starter.

In response to my off-handed comment, my friend Jennifer, (another SF Geek Goddess,) posted a link on my Facebook page that had me howling. This YouTube video has been making the rounds of Geek sites everywhere.

So now, I’m looking around my little mini-farm and haunted hospital, scouting for wibbly wobbly timey wimey bits and pieces to use in TARDIS construction, and surfing the Internet… only to find that I am not the only Who-vian with an itch to entertain and mystify the neighbors. There are countless pages devoted to plans, discussion boards, how-to videos, and more. Dedicated Timelord wannabes share information freely.

So don’t be surprised if you’re driving along a rural Georgia road one afternoon and stumble across a gracious old house with a white picket fence, a camellia garden with a fish pond bearing a sign that simply reads “AMY” and happen to see a bright blue police box tucked in among the greenery.

That could be my house. I’ll be the one playing the nose flute while wearing a “Bag of Shame.”

Links to TARDIS construction:

4 thoughts on “Living in “The Doctor’s House”

  1. “some of the best friends I’ve never met” Boy, you said a mouthful there, ‘friend’! Can hardly wait to negate that phrase where you’re concerned, and see that blue garden feature. 🙂 Cheers from your California BFINM… yet. ~Lin

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