#SFFSat – 2/11/2012 – The Tennova Job

It’s Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday time again! As you may recall, SFFS is a ring of authors who share some of their work each Saturday. Anyone is welcome. The idea is to feature a snippet of your work for others to enjoy.

The cover art and blurb for THE TENNOVA JOB have been finalized, but it still does not yet have a publication date. This book is the first installment of THE BLACK WING CHRONICLES, the Space Opera series starring Bo Barron and Blade Devon.

This scene is Blade’s introduction to the series. During the course of this scene we learn that he is a man with many aliases. He is a deserter and a burn out. Tonight, Blade has donned the persona of Darien Roarke, a gambler, in order to play in a Five Point Tourney in a night club in the Third Sector, and he has no idea that events have been set into motion that are going to change his life forever. Aware that he is being followed,  he isn’t exactly surprised when one of the “predatory females” propositioning him turns out to be someone he knows well and isn’t happy to see.


 He steeled himself as he turned to face her.  Her attractive, angular face, pale in the harsh extremes of light and shadow, lifted to his. Though she was tall for a female, she still had to look up at him. A spiky, close-cropped crown of hair, black as deep space, glistened under the flashing lights. The black shimmersilk dress fit her like a second skin revealing more of her lean, athletic body than it concealed. Tracing his shoulders and chest with long, manicured fingers, she undulated around him with a sensual grace that could only come from years of practice.

“You know this isn’t a social visit,” she purred.

“Of course not.”

He studied her with tightly leashed expectancy. Many men had underestimated Larianne Varo to their detriment. He knew better.


Well, that’s the Saturday Snippet for this week! Please don’t forget to comment by clicking on either the blog title or the little quotation balloon in the upper right hand corner. Tell your friends. Stop back here next week for another!

If you want a little more of THE TENNOVA JOBBARRON’S LAST STAND, or to learn more about THE BLACK WING CHRONICLES, just click on the links.

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27 thoughts on “#SFFSat – 2/11/2012 – The Tennova Job

    1. High praise indeed, coming from such a gifted wordsmith as yourself. Thank you! I’m waiting on a last rewrite and a go ahead nod from my editor with an eye on an April release.

    1. “Natural shimmersilk was one of the rarest fabrics in the Commonwealth. Blade was familiar enough with its variations to recognize the finest quality when he saw it. Though gossamer in appearance, it had a tensile strength that made it perfect for hundreds of military and paramilitary applications. But Blade thought it best used in High Fashion. In the clothing industry, it was prized for the way it caught the light, its softness to the touch, and the sensuous way it draped the body. Only the most expensive designers used it.”

      Thanks, Melisse!

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