Geek View on the Olympics/Doctor Who connection

I hope I’m not alone in holding out the impossible hope that when the Olympic torch enters the stadium, David Tennant will be reprising his 10th Doctor Who role in echo of the episode “Fear Her.” I will be watching to see if the Olympic Committee has its finger on the pulse of geekdom. If David Tennant does run in wearing his long coat and hi-tops, I can guarantee I’ll be cheering like a madwoman and actually interested in the remainder of the games.

2 thoughts on “Geek View on the Olympics/Doctor Who connection

  1. I did see somewhere that some sportsperson was in the running to light the Olympic torch today.

    That whole Doctor carrying the torch in ‘Fear Her’ was cheesy as hell, especially the commentary by real newsreader Huw Edwards.

    In fact, that whole series/season was my least favourite. The Doctor and Rose just came across as smug gits – he became great again when hooking up with Donna Noble (one of the best TV partnerships I’ve ever seen!).

    Did you catch Matt Smith running with the Olympic torch in Cardiff a few weeks ago? I never saw the footage myself, just photos, but I thought it was a nice touch.

    (I hear they’re going to incorporate Doctor Who in some way, in the opening ceremony tonight!)

    1. I just saw pictures of Matt Smith with the torch. I have a soft spot for “Fear Her” because one of the missing kids has the same name as my hubby. I tease him about it whenever it occurs to me.

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