Snippet Time! The Hero And The Holy Man

Welcome to Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday. Snippets of ten sentences or less are yours for the reading!

Today’s snippet comes from Book Two of The Black Wing Chronicles, and no, there is still no title.

While on Kah Lahtrec in the Outland Fringe recuperating from a hovercycle accident, Blade finds himself saddled with an odd nursemaid in the form of the wizened old holy man, Tahar, who once ruled the planet.


“Why did you come here, Tahar?”

Tahar poked the fire with a long slender stick then gestured towards Blade with it. “There is no way you could have made it up Mt. Jihat in your current state.” The wizened old man smiled broadly. “Since you could not come to me, I come instead to you. Sit. Join me.”

Blade glanced around for something to sit on besides the flagstones that made up the terrace.

“I will help you rise again,” Tahar said. “Sit.”


That’s the snippet for the week. Thank you for stopping by. Please take the time to visit the other wonderful authors taking part in Science Fiction/Fantasy Saturday!

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