Title-Challenged Writer Seeking Help

No, goofy, not that kind of help – although that really isn’t a bad idea – I’m looking for help naming my second book. You guys did such a great job with SOVRAN’S PAWN, I figured I’d hit you up for another go-round.

The response was so much fun with the poll to choose the title for SOVRAN’S PAWN, let’s try it again with THE BLACK WING CHRONICLES: BOOK TWO! Here are a few possible titles to choose from. Which one do YOU think sounds like the most interesting title to follow SOVRAN’S PAWN?


What did you like about your choice? Didn’t like any of them? What do YOU suggest? I really want to know! No, really, I do because I’m wandering in the dark with my pants over my head on this one.

5 thoughts on “Title-Challenged Writer Seeking Help

  1. The summary to the book is as follows:
    Given the choice between Love and Duty, which does one sacrifice for the other?

    Bo Barron has it all: a ship of her own, a formidable reputation as one of the Sub-Socia’s most dangerous criminals, and the sexiest man in holofeatures – Blade Devon. She’d trade it all to find her father, clear her name and reclaim her rightful place as the Chief of Barron Clan… well, maybe she’d hang on to Blade. He’s also a very resourceful Inner Circle Agent with a penchant for coming to her rescue.

    When sabotage of his hovercycle results in serious injury, Blade fears that state secrets entrusted to him are in danger of exposure. He’ll go to great lengths to keep that from happening.

    Looking for answers to the questions that plague them, each plays a dangerous game of blackmail and extortion — with Bo’s father and their future together on the line.

  2. OK, if I understood the last line, Blade and Bo extort and blackmail each other?
    If so, then “Game of reversal” sounds like one hell of a match.

    Otherwise, I’d go with “broken wing”, because it seems like Blade’s hover-cycle accident seems like a very major event in the book.
    Which seems to fit in a way(Not perfectly), but if Blade really loves the cycle(Or the feeling of the freedom of flight, I’m guessing that the sabotage could cause trauma which would prevent him from using a hover-cycle again, which might be a good enough reason for the title “Broken wings”

    Mind you, I’m only using the summary to suggest these, so take it with more than a few grains of salt 🙂

    1. Thanks for your input, Max! Any of the choices have deeper meanings that become clear by the end of the book. The hovercycle accident is the inciting incident that sets the plot into motion.

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