Who Let The Dogs Out?

Raw Dog Screaming Press recently introduced their new science fiction line, called Dog Star Books. This is relevant to me because friend and author extraordinaire Heidi Ruby Miller has been tapped for their managing editor. You may remember me gushing over Heidi’s brilliant AMBASADORA series of books. With Heidi at the helm, I look forward to great things from Dog Star Books, whose mission statement promises oodles of sf adventure in their catalog.

Heidi asked me to take part in unveiling the first cover from DSB’s 2013 cyberpunk release COG by K. Ceres Wright. This edgy cover is by artist Bradley Sharp. Pretty cool, huh?

In a futuristic world
where personalities can be downloaded at will,
who’s a girl to trust?

Coming Summer 2013


Dog Star Books – http://dogstarbooks.blogspot.com
K. Ceres Wright – http://www.kcereswright.com
Bradley Sharp – http://brade-s.deviantart.com

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