Who Makes The Best Party Guest?

There are certain kinds of people you meet in this world. Some you notice right away because they’re bright and vivacious. They’re hard to miss.

My favorite kind of person is the kind I like to call a “hidden treasure.” This is the quiet, bookish sort that people tend to overlook; perhaps the kind sitting off to the side watching everything that’s going on with a small smile. You can identify this person by the accompanying twinkle in their eyes. This is the person I like to engage in conversation.

Why? Because these are the story collectors.

These are the people who have observed the best and worst of human nature and can often tell you all about it in the most engaging sort of way. These hidden treasures are usually possessed of a biting wit and a firm grasp of all the nuances of satire. Don’t be surprised by a high degree of snark.

Yep. You can have the glittering, vivacious butterfly that everyone wants to know. Give me the quiet, hidden treasure who knows how to tell a story.

What do YOU think?

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