The Black Wing Chronicles – Graphic Novel??

In the absence of Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday Snippets this week, I’m offering a belated Christmas present, or a Happy New Year’s treat.

Thanks to author Patrick Stutzman, my children and I whiled away many happy hours playing with Hero Machine online. My daughter created a very stylish warrior princess. My younger son created “Chick Man,” a superhero chicken. My older son created a series of scantily-clad barbarian beauties…along with a warrior or two.

Naturally, I took a stab at Blade Devon.


I thoroughly enjoyed the hero maker software and I look forward to trying my hand at a few frames for a graphic novel. It’s something I’ve been considering for decades. There isn’t currently one in the works, but what do you think? Should there be?

7 thoughts on “The Black Wing Chronicles – Graphic Novel??

  1. I’d come up with a script for an Aston West comic book once…since it never panned out, I went ahead and generated it into a short story, “Some Assembly Required” (part of my second Triple-Shot collection). I still wish that things would have worked out, because I think comics have a larger following.

    1. Thanks, Heidi! It’s definitely on my mind. If I were a more consistent artist, I’d be on it already. Maybe that’s something you can bat around with the powers that be at RDSP!

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