T’was a Week Before Christmas…

BWC HERO'S END option A (1)I got the manuscript for HERO’S END back from my editor, the inimitable Laurel Kriegler last week. Along with the comments and corrections she sent an admonition. I was not to look at it until after Christmas (or the Zombie Apocalypse, in which case at least SHE knows what happens in the book – even if the rest of the world does not – and she can happily have her brain consumed by zombies.)

Science Fiction/Fantasy Saturday snippets are on hiatus until after the New Year as well.

So with my writing demands at a standstill, I’m left with little choice but to spend time with my family for the next few weeks doing all the regular Christmas things we do. Cookies will be baked. Egg nog will be consumed. Gifts will be wrapped. Meals prepared. Carols sung. Christmas Eve, my children will crowd around my husband for the annual readings of  “T’was The Night Before Christmas,” and the Christmas story from the family Bible, the latter of which my children enjoy taking turns as shepherds and angels, acting out for our amusement.

There is even an End-of-the-World-Party planned for the 22nd that my husband has been telling everyone about for more than 10 years. Dress is casual. I shall be wearing PJ’s, a bathrobe, fuzzy slippers and carrying a towel, a la Arthur Dent (or the 10th Doctor.) Paper bags are optional and there is plenty of room to lie down and wait for the Earth-shattering ka-boom.

After the festivities, look for me to resume posting. If we are overrun by zombies, I hope that you’ll overlook the occasional sprinkling of references to “braaaaains” in my writing.

Until then, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. May you have a peaceful holiday filled with love and family. God Bless.

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