Hero’s End – The Back Cover Blurb Revealed

As the edits are winding down, the marketing and packaging are ramping up. The back cover blurb is ready to go! It’s looking like HERO’S END will have a September release! Are you ready?

BWC HERO'S END Wallpaper


When a former lover with a score to settle nearly brings Blade Devon’s charmed life to an end, he seeks refuge – and some time to lick his wounds – with an old friend…leaving the woman he loves behind.

Bo Barron is no frail flower, despite her masquerade as Blade’s Joy Babe Mistress.  She straps on her sidearm and goes off alone to track her missing father, kicking off a search that stretches across the galaxy – from the lair of the gruesome Rex, a clone with a taste for sentient biomatter, to Rogue’s Cross, the most dangerous space station in the outer Commonwealth.

Someone close to her doesn’t want Bo’s father found. To make matters worse, the First Sector Overlord orders Blade’s holofeature career over and Bo out of his life for good.

Surrounded by betrayal, Bo and Blade turn to each other…but the secrets he protects threaten to tear them apart.

One way or another, returning Bo’s father to his rightful place and following their hearts will mean HERO’S END.


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