The Wait is Almost Over!

I am in the final proofread of the SOVRAN’S PAWN Expanded Edition. I think I’ve *finally* nailed down new cover art. Since the book has changed so drastically from its original form, more than doubling in length and darker in tone, I’m debating a title change as well.

Keep your EYE out for a cover reveal and a new blurb, as well as upcoming release date, giveaways, and more!

It’s a whole new book!

The Original Edition of SOVRAN’S PAWN is about to disappear forever, so if you have a fondness for it, I encourage you to grab a copy while you still can! Just follow the link HERE

Ode to a Postmistress

We have the most amazing postmistress here in the tiny rural town in which I live. Even at Christmas there is seldom a line. She greets people by name when they walk in and she knows their business. She always asks after the family, when am I going to make some more toffee, and how my book sales are going. Today, she took the time with me to plan the shipping for when my book order comes in. We verified shipping costs to FIVE countries. She checked her supplies and she’s going to order more of the envelopes that they’ll be shipped in, because she wants to make sure she has enough.

I’ll bet you don’t get this kind of attention from YOUR local post office. If I am an independent publisher, she’s my shipping department. You can bet I’m going to be making a big batch of toffee for her as a thank-you.

I’d give her a free book, but she’d really rather have the toffee. It’s very good toffee.