Ode to a Postmistress

We have the most amazing postmistress here in the tiny rural town in which I live. Even at Christmas there is seldom a line. She greets people by name when they walk in and she knows their business. She always asks after the family, when am I going to make some more toffee, and how my book sales are going. Today, she took the time with me to plan the shipping for when my book order comes in. We verified shipping costs to FIVE countries. She checked her supplies and she’s going to order more of the envelopes that they’ll be shipped in, because she wants to make sure she has enough.

I’ll bet you don’t get this kind of attention from YOUR local post office. If I am an independent publisher, she’s my shipping department. You can bet I’m going to be making a big batch of toffee for her as a thank-you.

I’d give her a free book, but she’d really rather have the toffee. It’s very good toffee.

6 thoughts on “Ode to a Postmistress

  1. As a town with less than four hundred people, we don’t have home mail delivery. Our post office is pretty much the place to go visiting because EVERYONE in town ends up there. You have to be a committed homebody to avoid keeping up with your neighbors.

  2. My postmistress isn’t far off in all that. I had to order the padded envelopes I use to mail my books by myself — she says the USPS won’t allow her to carry them. They cost the same to mail as the regular Priority envelopes, but they’re padded. And free to order, too. I don’t get why they won’t let the post offices stock ’em, but … I don’t make the rules, especially the dumb ones like this.

  3. 365 Things to Write About

    I miss having a local postmistress or postmaster who is happy to help each and every customer! In my LA neighborhood, if I don’t get to the post office between 7:30 and 8am, I’ll be waiting in line for an hour and rarely do any of the postmasters even crack a smile at any of the customers behind the counter. Asking a question about postage or spare flat rate boxes is almost guaranteed to get you a deeply annoyed scowl.

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