The Face of Bo

Erm, no. Not to be confused with The Face of Boe from Doctor Who.

I just sent off a mockup of the cover for BARRON’S LAST STAND to cover artist extraordinaire, Tomomi Ink, (a.k.a. author TK Toppin,) as well as the elements I used. She is going to be putting everything together for me and adding that magical flash of brilliance that she does to make my book covers “epic” (as my readers have called them.)

Bo’s eyes appeared on the cover of SOVRAN’S PAWN and Blade was shown in silhouette on HERO’S END. (Or it could have been Bo’s father, or her uncle Royce — jussayin’.) BARRON’S LAST STAND will show an actual, recognizable female face and…well…you’re just going to have to wait for the rest. I am really loving what I sent to her. I cannot wait to see what she does with it because she’s brilliant, you know.

And in other news:

Several short stories are currently making the rounds among my beta readers. I hope to have a collection of short Bo and Blade adventures ready to go very soon which I hope will tide readers over until BARRON’S LAST STAND is finished and polished up.


Editor par excellence, Laurel Kriegler has talked me into making preliminary notes for a series on the ill-fated love story of Bhruic Barron and Marissa Kiara – Bo’s parents. There is a lot about their story that has never been revealed beyond my copious backstory notes and I think Laurel developed a little crush on The Barron while editing HERO’S END.

But wait, there’s more!

Fans of Blade (and let’s face it, we are legion,) will be happy to know that the first of THE MERCENARY ADVENTURES OF BLADE DEVON:  ARCANA DOUBLE CROSS is still simmering on the stove top. The first draft is complete, as is the back cover blurb, and I am also toying with cover ideas.

And while BARRON’S LAST STAND may be the end of THE BLACK WING CHRONICLES, it is by no means the end of Bo and Blade’s story. I’ve also started working on notes for the as-yet-unnamed series that follows.

What’s New – Spring 2014

Spring 2014…

…finds me hard at work on the third installment of THE BLACK WING CHRONICLES – BARRON’S LAST STAND. Still no release date set, but I’ve started thinking about cover art. Here are a few mockups, complete with the swirly watermark which won’t be in the final cover. I’m not yet ready to sit down with Tomomi Ink (a.k.a TK Toppin) and hash out a final cover, but this gives me an idea of the direction I may want to go with it. If anyone has any preferences please say so in the comments.

BLS Mockup 3BLS Mockup 6Barron's Last Stand ART 4BLS Mockup ABLS Mockup 5BLS Mockup 2

Also working on a joint project with another author specializing in a completely different genre. This project would be a complete departure from my comfort zone and will be published under a pseudonym.

012714_1950_9.jpgOn a more familiar front, I’m also working on a Space Opera/SF Romance from my archives that has popped up on my blog before:  THE LOST DOMINA.

And lastly, I’m preparing to offer HERO’S END as a paperback once again. Stay tuned for more on that front as it develops.

What a Gorgeous Cover! The Art of Tomomi Ink.

What a Gorgeous Cover! The Art of Tomomi Ink.

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my cover art, that sometimes I wonder if the cover is better than the book! It is a gorgeous cover and the artist who designed it is a true genius. The artist is Tomomi Ink out of Barbados. She has just reworked her site to include the many amazing book covers that she’s created. Her work is simply stunning. I invite you to take a look at her work and make note of the titles. They include some of my favorite new authors. You may see one or two that look familiar to you if you spend much time here.