What’s New – Spring 2014

Spring 2014…

…finds me hard at work on the third installment of THE BLACK WING CHRONICLES – BARRON’S LAST STAND. Still no release date set, but I’ve started thinking about cover art. Here are a few mockups, complete with the swirly watermark which won’t be in the final cover. I’m not yet ready to sit down with Tomomi Ink (a.k.a TK Toppin) and hash out a final cover, but this gives me an idea of the direction I may want to go with it. If anyone has any preferences please say so in the comments.

BLS Mockup 3BLS Mockup 6Barron's Last Stand ART 4BLS Mockup ABLS Mockup 5BLS Mockup 2

Also working on a joint project with another author specializing in a completely different genre. This project would be a complete departure from my comfort zone and will be published under a pseudonym.

012714_1950_9.jpgOn a more familiar front, I’m also working on a Space Opera/SF Romance from my archives that has popped up on my blog before:  THE LOST DOMINA.

And lastly, I’m preparing to offer HERO’S END as a paperback once again. Stay tuned for more on that front as it develops.

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